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Nishi Bhatt

Founder, Ayurveda Expert

& Specialist in Neuro Development


My Mission


I would like to see Naadi Yoga helping people everywhere in comfort of their own home. Where kids and adults with neurological issues can share a space with other people. Every village and every city becomes free from neuro related diseases with my simplified steps and specific therapy that’s made easier to do. I want my patients to live a pain free and independent life that full of promises for a better future.

Dr Nishi Bhatt, resides between London and India. She has been brought up in London and operate her own alternative therapy clinic known as Naadi Yoga along with her business partner Ashish Gilhotra, in Dehradun, India. She uses natural motor therapy programs, dietary counselling, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, flower essences and lifestyle education to treat clients for health issues in a range of areas such as Ataxia, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Delayed and Global Development Issues, Hormonal Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Neo-Natal, Nerve Degeneration and Damage, Digestive Disorders, Fertility and Stress.


She typically provides clients from all round the world with an initial consultation to get a holistic understanding of their health and she follows up with test results, treatment plans and naturopathic prescriptions.

This precedes further follow-ups to monitor the effectiveness of treatment plans and prescriptions.


“You can’t treat patient all in the same way, ‘Oh, somebody has Cerebral Palsy, so I’ll treat them this way’. “The challenge is to understand the individual in front of you,” she says

Dr Bhatt, who has an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda, she has been in the field for a decade. Dr Bhatt develops and researches in natural motor therapy program for children with intensive special disabilities. It consists of cutting-edge bodywork and motor re-education techniques to help children re-establish connections in their body through awareness and creative learning. Our programs are a natural alternative to traditional rehabilitation methods —no medication, splints or braces, and her therapy has helped hundreds of children gain better motor control of their own bodies. Her therapies are gentle, non-invasive and fully comprehensive. In Naadi Yoga she prescribes treatment that is a mixture of Naturopathy, Acupressure, Pranic Breathing, Murma Chikitsa, Yoga therapy, Colour Therapy, and Mud Therapy. These treatment regenerates brain cells and raises oxygen level within the body that brings instant relief to the tensed muscles and helps the body to relax. This treatment has also been a boon for senior patients due to the ageing process of human body and has proved very useful for children with neuro diseases.

Naadi Yoga is a mind and body practice that originated from ancient Indian philosophy. It focuses on slow, controlled movements aimed at stretching and relaxing your muscles. By holding certain pressure and breathing for a specified amount of time, Naadi Yoga can improve posture by relaxing and strengthening the muscles around the spine. Naadi Yoga is a mind and body practice that originated from ancient Indian philosophy. It focuses on slow, controlled movements aimed at stretching and relaxing your muscles. By holding certain pressure and breathing for a specified amount of time, Naadi Yoga can improve posture by relaxing and strengthening the muscles around the spine.


  • 30-year-old Atul, a parent of Rushit with Autism, practices Naadi Yoga every day. He said, “Of course, the physical needs of people with disabilities vary, there is one constant: Everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities, needs to find some way of staying as fit as possible. Individuals like Atul, believe that Naadi Yoga is the only solution for people with Autism/ADHD/ASD. His child had issues with abnormal body Posturing and no Expressions, used to avoid eye contact, had lot of behavioural disturbance when taken to family or crowded function  but within 2 months ,he had seen tremendous changes in the way his son is responding through Dr Nishi's intervention therapies. Rushit started listening to the commands and playing with others in the playground without pushing and hurting others. He started eating all food and was able to sit in one place and kept engaged with his work for long time. He started choosing his own clothes and wearing his shoes in the right feet.

  • Sumita, young parents, with first child Cerebral Palsy, spends 20 min each day practicing Naadi Yoga on her daughter Tanya. She believes Naadi Yoga has helped her daughter with digestion, trunk control, stamina, and breathing. When Tanya was able to blow out birthday candles for the very first time on her 9th birthday, Tanya's mother said it was thanks to Naadi Yoga.

While no official clinical trial has been conducted on the effectiveness of Naadi Yoga for Cerebral Palsy/Autism/Development Delay or Global Development, but collecting research data of changes in patients through our interventions has been very vital during regular Naadi Yoga session. It has helped our team in determining the effectiveness of our interventions. Parents have seen consistent improvement in their children's, but along with that Dr Bhatt has given them hope for better future for their children to live a better quality of life.

During our researched we have observed that, along with therapies, a good diet has also helped to relax their body and mind. This has helped significantly reduce high muscle tone, regulate sensory neurons, which is characteristic of most children with Cerebral Palsy/ West syndrome/Autism. This structured diet has released overall stress and tightness throughout the musculature and around the joints. At the same time that treatment helps in relaxing the brain.

She made the career switch from investment banking, where she was a Financial Advisor for private banking sectors in London . Her business experience from there has given her the acumen to run her current wellness business . It took her about two to three years to really hit her stride. She has completely adopted a new process in COVID-19 situation by helping families with special needs to continue their therapies in comfort of their home, which has benefited hundreds of children's to continue with Naadi Yoga therapies and bringing amazing changes in them even during these complex and strange times. Her patient's undying spirits and their faith in her, has always encouraged her to do more every day.

Dr Nishi Bhatt's has incredible passion for bringing changes in children with special abilities and her passion has always brought in miraculously changes in children in short span of time and we at Naadi Yoga find our self very fortunate to be lead by a passionate, positive and such insightful healer.

"Brain has an amazing energy to heal the body with right interventions. If these interventions are carried out at the right age miracles can be performed by the same child that was declared a disabled or mentally retarded by the society" - Dr Nishi Bhatt

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