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Senior Consultant

Ashish Gilhotra

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Writer and

A Passionate Speaker

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My Mission


I would like to see Naadi Yoga helping people everywhere in comfort of their own home. Where kids and adults with neurological issues can share a space with other people. Every village and every city becomes free from neuro related diseases with my simplified steps and specific therapy that’s made easier to do. I want my patients to live a pain free and independent life that full of promises for a better future.

With an aim to create good health and happiness in the world – I, Ashish Gilhotra have yearned to learn about various holistic healing methods that are connected to Indian culture and history that was destroyed by many invasions and I love nothing but to share these ancient wisdom, to educate and heal others. I hold passion for health and wellness that is so transparent, where I and my patient are able to build a report that is of faith and dedication. I use various Alternative healing practice as well as I write, conduct lectures and seminar to create awareness of general public to create awareness towards their health. You can find my articles in newspapers, where I shares all kinds of wellness advice, as well as follow me on YouTube videos where I am teaching for free to do Naadiyoga at home.


I have the most rewarding job of helping others reach their optimal health and happiness. I work with Naadi Yoga as a Senior Consultant for Alternative healing therapies, where I see patients who are both presenting with health challenges and others who are striving to maintain great health.

As my clinic has more than 200 of patients in clinic per day which makes me unable to see everyone that requires my help so I decided to provide health information and treatments in newspaper and training, and to reach a wider audience through my YouTube channel of Naadi Yoga. This has naturally led Naadi Yoga to help people across the globe and in the comfort of their home and most important with no cost. I just love to inspire, motivate and support the health and happiness of others!

How did I get to this position

I grew up in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India, where I completed schooling up to year 12. It was in my final year at school that I decided I wanted to study Yogic Science, therefore enrolled in the Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University, Jaipur, to do my NDNYS. This inspired me to take on one more year to study further and I earned my MD at Prakritik Chikitsalaya in Jaipur.

I moved to a Chandigarh to learn Acupressure under the guidance of Dr. Attar Singh and gained certification through the course. I moved to Mumbai to earn my Diploma in Neurotherapy under Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra. Although I learnt so much during these initial 4 years, I believe it is through my volunteering experience at Seva Dhaam 27 Sector, Chandigarh that gave me a hands on experience. Having attended these courses and researching, that I have learnt most of what I apply today. You can always learn more, so I believe striving for ongoing education is so important!

I always wanted to work in the Health and Wellbeing area

Experiencing my own mother death at the tender age of eight I faced lot of mental, physical and soul searching challenges which led me to be where I am today. Throughout my teens, I used to observe people abusing their body with a toxic cocktail of binge drinking, smoking, chewing and smoking tobacco, irregularities in sleep (due to partying), junk foods, taking the lot of medications, together with suppressing emotional stress, mood swings, sluggish digestion, unhealthy skin and weight issues.

Once I began my studies, I started to realize the damage we were doing to our body. The pieces of these health puzzle came together! I researched the underlying causes of these health challenges and discovered how important Alternative therapy and Nutritional diet can start a healing journey. This important knowledge gave me support and the power to help others with their health conditions and genuinely make them feel healthy and happy again.

What I love about my role

I love that I can use my knowledge, experience and understanding, to help many others overcome their health challenges and reach their personal health and happiness potential.

My biggest achievements

Working with Naadi Yoga, having more than 2 Lac follower on YouTube who are taking advantage of free videos to heal themselves at comfort of their homes, and 17K followers on Facebook, was daunting but very fulfilling. I have now been in Naadi Yoga for more than 8 years now and have around 200 patients per day. I am very proud to say that I am treating people successfully with Naadi Yoga, at the same time as doing something that I love.

The most recent biggest achievement is running successful workshops at various corporate and government authority centers, where they are taking advantage of Naadi Yoga techniques to take care of their mental and physical health. It has been so rewarding to be able to help so many more people achieve their personal health goals!

What I love about my career

When I get to treat people from all areas of life, e.g. Our patients consist of CM Harish Rawat Ji, DIG of Aligarh, IG of Uttarakhand, Ganpati Ji, BJP Vice president Shaam Jajuji, Spiritual teachers like Morari Bapu, Shastri Narayan Swarupdas Ji and many other who are suffering from chronic illness from small villages and cities of India.

I get such a buzz from the amazing atmosphere and speaking at health events, conducting workshops in corporate and government sectors, free health camp for women and children’s for our Army families and developing treatments that are helpful to heal patients that are disappointed by allopathic treatments.

Least favorite aspect of my role

It is very sad at times to see patients come into clinic with chronic health conditions caused by poor diet and lifestyle choices and therefore could have been prevented with early prevention with Naadi Yoga. It is frustrating to see the misunderstanding around a healthy diet, lifestyle and diseases and the health implications this is having on society.

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